Strategic Priorites

Controlling Our Costs to Maximize Profit Generation

The core success of each of our properties starts with the negotiation. With finely honed skills in the art of negotiating, our strategy relies on the close management of costs from the initial purchase to the everyday maintenance fees. By updating and removing any inefficient equipment, fixtures and fittings, we are able to significantly lower maintenance fees, consistently reduce tenant service charges and increasing the overall efficiency of the building.


Increase Office Productivity and “Workstyle”

In addition to the financial benefits, our building modernization strategy allows us to adapt with the emerging trends and meet the business needs of each company. As a driving force in creating flexible and collaborative working environments with reliable technical services and communal facilities, we encourage staff motivation and, most importantly, office productivity. We believe that each company has a unique “workstyle” based on its core values, strategy and daily routine. Ameriscot prides itself on working with tenants to incorporate their workstyle into each new high-spec and modern commercial space.


Encourage Employee Retention

Ameriscot unlocks the potential for older office buildings to become an exciting place people enjoying working in. Businesses are aware that to retain the best staff they must locate to the right building and place more emphasis on their office layouts and designs than in previous years. Each of our strategic focal points revolve around one another; thus, for our business to successfully increase, we strive to provide the right environment to encourage sustainable growth and employee retention for tenants through modern, high-spec offices, communal spaces and amenities (parking, gyms, cafes, bike storage, showers, etc.).